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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 31, 2016 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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on the streets. and model gives her dog some love too walking her stylish pup lola in los angeles. the once upon a time actor stopping by the greek yogurt pop-up at the grove in los angeles. the star looking spring perfect wearing a cream blouse and blue skirt while enjoying the tasty snack. and that's your celeb snaps. "celebrity page" tv is bringing you inside access to the stars and their new projects. >> here's a closer look at the new lego batman movie. >> hey, mom. hey, dad. i saved the city again today. i think you would have been really proud. >> there you are.
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i have incredible reelections. >> i should have known better than to sneak up on you like that. were you looking at the old family pictures again? >> no, i wasn't. >> sir, i've seen you go through similar phases. and that weird one in 1966. >> i have aged phenomenally. >> do you want to talk about how you're feeling? >> what? no. i don't want to do that. >> sir. >> no. >> sir. >> no, no. >> sir? >> no, no, no, no, no, no. >> gosh i hope we were recording that. what did i say? abr, always be recording. from the heart of new york city, i'm sonia isabel. thanks so much for watching "celebrity page."
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an argumenting in fresno, california, ends with a woman being thrown from this suv. you can see her clinging to the front door. you see that? before she's knocked off into the bushes. the bushes may have broken her fall and witnesses say the woman popped back up to chase the suv sub down the street. police are looking to talk to the two women who were involved in that argument. and what caused that? okay. a dutch mechanic undoubtedly also has a lot of questions to answer such as how he drove this porsche off the dealer lot into a canal. 911 gt 3 rs starts at $83,000 but the sports car may not be a total loss. the engine is in the rear.
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in fact, the extra weight in the back may be what kept the entire car from taking a dive. i think he's in some bit of hot water. >> probably. i hope he has a job. >> not for long. well he if you've been driving for more than a few years, it may seem harder these days to drive at night. your eyes are not playing tricks on you. >> this new study that while today's headlights may be brighter than in years past, they're not as eb as they should be. david kerley covers transportation for us. >> reporter: watch the road. without enough light, a deer, unseen until the last moment. nearly half of all accidents happen in the dark or dusk. an exclusive look at the first-ever headlight testing by the insurance institute for highway safety. the results, they say, are dismal. researchers say low beams should reach 330 feet on a straight. the worst performers did just more than a third of that distance. >> if you're driving on the
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performing vehicles, you probably shouldn't be driving faster than 35 miles an hour. >> reporter: of the more than 30 cars that were tested here to see how far their lights would shine, this dummy is at 50 feet, the deer at 200 feet, the worst performer, which is shining its light on me right now is the bmw 3 series. shut that off, turn on the best performer, this is the toyota prius v. look at the deer in the background. the light from the prius reaches, but the bmw doesn't. in fact, that toyota prius, equipped with l.e.d.s, is the only car tested that earned a good rating. while the bmw 3 with halogen lights tested at the bottom, another bmw 3 equipped with a swivel l.e.d. system tested in the top third. the best tip? if you're having trouble, do something that only 18% of us do. use your high beams. david kerley, abc news, washington. very interesting. coming up, it's one of the biggest, baddest snakes in the world.
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everglades at a dangerous pace but the burmese python may have just met its match. we're talking about kendis gibson. >> oh, my word. i still can't even look at the tape.
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baby snakes late at night is
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baby snakes you know what i'm talking about >> i'd never heard it. >> legendary frank zappa. >> of course. >> it's certainly not baby snakes invading the florida everglades at a dangerous pace. >> giant pythons thousands of them are creating a deadly problem but they're apparently no match for humans. we're up "up all nightline" with a report. matt gutman was too busy for. i got the short straw. >> reporter: we're at the point of no return. they can grow to more than 20 feet long and have been known to eat alligators whole. >> so bill, there's no possibility that there might be a snake right around here? >> yeah, there is a good possibility. >> all right then. nice seeing you. we're on the hunt for the wild burmese python, one of the biggest, baddest snakes in the world and there could be danger with every step. >> i really have no idea why i signed up for this. i just jumped from a butterfly. so would you put your hand in there knowing there might be a snake down there? >> yeah, i don't have a problem
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>> you don't think it might bite you? >> no. it might, but then i'll be able to pull it out of there. >> reporter: all righty. it's believed tens of thousands of these slithery yy serpents out here over the everglades terrorizing the wild. >> there used to be millions of birds, wading birds and the snakes sit here quietly and wait on them. the birds loss every time. >> the woman found a seven-foot burmese python hiding underneath stacks of clothing. >> well, we do know there's a lot of missing cats in that neighborhood. >> reporter: that's why bill booth, tampa firefighter and snake hunter, is here. he's one of over 800 people who have come from across the country to compete in the python challenge. >> people effectively removing pythons from the environment. >> reporter: a month-long contest to hunt, grab, and trade in wild burmese pythons for cold hard cash. dead or alive. >> all of our pythons are captured are going to be measured.
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and wildlife conservation commission even has classes to teach you how to do it. >> hold it with two fingers. who wants to go first? >> reporter: the contest is open to anybody and i mean, anybody. >> how old is the kid that's out with the golf club? >> he's 8. >> 8 years old looking for a python. >> yeah. >> reporter: that sounds safe. but this isn't bill's first rodeo. he and his crack team of hunters are confident they can slither away with enough of these snakes to win the competition. i'm riding shotgun on today's snake hunt but i have a confession to make. i'm terrified of snakes. >> do you think they can sense my fear? >> they probably do and they're going to probably be waiting for you. >> you're funny. do you see him laying right there in the water? his head's up out of the water right now. >> reporter: to my luck, didn't with have to wait long for my first sighting. > got one? all right.
2:48 am
>> thinks they got one. >> oh, yeah, i see him. he's cold. >> oh. my god. >> watch it. come here. there he is. there he is. there he is. see him. that's our python. >> reporter: these pros catch these snakes alive with their bare hands. >> freaky. and that was quick. no, no, no. >> whoo. >> reporter: unlike these first-time python hunter who are armed with a pillow case and golf clubs. >> you're like steve irwin back there as if you know what you're doing with these pythons. >> true. >> do you think do you? >> yeah. >> there's a sense -- >> you said no. >> reporter: a lot of people doing this have never gone python hunting before or even been out in the everglades. >> people want the challenge. a python in florida, let's go
2:49 am
>> it could be. yeah. if you don't have the experience of handling big snakes, you're going to be in a world of hurt. >> reporter: and by hurt, we mean wrapped around -- >> choked out. you know, wrapped up. bitten. >> reporter: i'm still shaking off my first encounter with my fanged friend, bill's teammates jacie and dwayne -- >> holy [ bleeped ]. >> reporter: have pulled in two more and then another. makes four. >> reporter: you look so pumped. >> i'm still shaking. >> reporter: they're very calm. would look great in a britney spears video. >> miley would probably like it, too. >> they are pretty. i still don't want to touch him. >> not even the back end of one? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: every snake goes to the university of florida where they stud them for environmental impact. >> the python is eating our native wildlife without a healthy food chain, you don't have a healthy environment. >> reporter: even though the fwc
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caught barely makes a difference, they say the competition brings attention to the problem. >> this is a serious issue. it brings the awareness to everyone in florida, united states, and the world of an invasive snake. >> reporter: much to my surprise, there really isn't much backlash to this. even peta is okay with it as long as the hunting is done by experts like bill and the pests are killed humanely. as the day draws to a close, bill's team reaches the checkpoint. >> snakes have been in these bags all day long not moving much. you can slow down in opening that up. they're going to take them all out for a class picture. >> do you want to reach in the bag and get them out? >> i'm going to get him to hold the bag. >> no, i'm not touching it. throughout the competition, they end up bagging 33 out of 106 total pythons caught including this oh, my god, 15 footer. winning them $8,000 in prize
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nope. not worth it. >> what are you doing over there? >> i'm practically in miami right now. but i did make some progress. >> come on here. how good of a grip do you have? >> baby steps. >> you're not going to play any games? >> i won't play games. promise. >> so you finally got up there? you truly are terrified. that wasn't an act. you're really scared. >> part of what you didn't see on camera, in the days after that, one of the snakes pooped all over the place. probably the reason why i got sick. it was kind of creepy and weird. >> i do remember that. >> but i mean i guess it's a good effort what they're doing out there. i want no part of it ever again. i'm told there is a similar competition in texas for rattlesnakes. the producers from "nightline" e-mailed me about that. had you. >> you are you going to do the rattlesnake challenge? >> huh-uh, there's no way.
2:52 am
>> what did your mama say who also has a fear of snakes. >> she instilled that in me and has not watched that story to this day. >> you don't think there's a reason why you guys have a fear of snakes? >> yeah, we're black. black folks don't like snakes. >> oh, boy.
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the average cost of a wedding these days is just over $26,000. >> that's pricey. but for one lucky bride in moscow, that was the cost of her dress alone. abc's dan harris has more on what's being called the most expensive wedding ever >> reporter: it's hard to ignore the irony, the woman who once sang "love don't cost a thing" performing at what they're calling a billion dollar wedding. said gutseriev an oxford educated heir to a russian got married over the weekend. while nobody knows the total cost, the bride said i do in a $25,000 haute couture gown weighing in at a whopping 25 pounds. purported 600 guests entered through a walkway that could have rivaled cinderella's castle. the venue was pretty much carpeted in flowers and the
2:57 am
aforementioned j.lo -- >> reporter: sting sang his classic "every breath you take," oh and enrique iglesias was there too. the night ended with a bang as wedding goers enjoyed fireworks. the couple is rumored to be heading to london soon to have another ceremony. dan harris, abc news, new york. that's all good and well and nice. i always believe you judge a wedding based on the wedding cake. how good was the cake? we don't have details what kind of flavor or who made the cake. >> i imagine it's a pretty pricey wedding cake. j. lo is probably on top at these prices. for the second part of the wedding that's going to take place in london, supposedly the wedding is at $1.3 billion, beyonce is supposed to perform and sir elton john, as well in london. >> wow. >> they had some 600 guests at the moscow one. incredible.
2:58 am
for a wedding like that? >> wow. a loan? ask for a loan?
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this morning on "world news now," a 180 on 0 bortion for donald trump. >> supporting punishment for women then reversing course, saying women are the victims. the political fallout and how his rivals are reacting. >> break overnight, tornado destruction. a funnel cloud touches down in oklahoma sending residents into a panic. the severe storm system marching across the south as thousands are left without power. a wild encounter caught on
3:01 am
an extremely rare florida panther startles a woman during a their work. incredible odds of her discovering the nearly extinct animal. >> and a slightly warmer wildlife moment. a panda cuddling with a human companion who goes for a selfie and the bear posing like a pro, say cheese, on this thursday, march 31st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hi, everybody. good morning on this thursday. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. doesn't happen often. i don't think it's happened at all quite frankly on the campaign trail. donald trump saying i was wrong and reversing. >> reversing course. does he ever say that he's wrong? >> that's true. >> i don't know. he did kind of do like a sort of a 180. >> big-time 180. we're talking about explosive remarks on abortion drawing instant condemnation from democrats and republicans alike. >> of after he said that women who have abortions should be
3:02 am
trump reversed his stance in a matter of hours. had this latest controversy coming on heels of a battery charge against his campaign manager and i new poll trump trailing ted cruz in wisconsin by ten points days before that critical primary. more now from jonathan karl. >> reporter: in wisconsin, new line on abortion. at an msnbc forum, he was asked if women who get abortions should be punished if it's made illegal. he said this -- >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? form. >> i don't know. that i don't know. that i don't know. >> well, why not? because -- everything else. >> frankly -- i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> reporter: asked if there should be punishment for the man involved, trump said no. hillary clinton responded immediately, tweeting, "just when you thought it couldn't get worse. horrific and telling."
3:03 am
rivals, both of whom oppose abortion rights, rejected the idea of punishing women who have abortions. and just three hours after his controversial statements, trump reversed himself completely, saying, if abortion is banned, quote, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim. trump's comments come on a day he is firmly defending his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, charged with battery, after this security video appeared to show him grabbing this female reporter. trump today openly mocked the reporter. >> this young woman reporter, who shouldn't have been where she was, and she grabbed me twice. she said, "i was jolted backwards." she wasn't, right? did anyone disagree? "someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down." did she go down? did she even go a little down, like, a little, like a couple of inches? >> reporter: but on "gma," trump
3:04 am
reporter, slamming the jupiter, florida, police department that charged lewandowski. >> do you think jupiter, florida, police made the wrong call here? >> absolutely. i think they made a wrong call. i think it's an embarrassment. donald j. trump for president, folks don't forget to vote >> reporter: the controversy seems to be doing nothing to diminish the enthusiasm of trump's supporters. here in appleton, wisconsin, people have been waiting some of them for hours, this line extending for several blocks. people waiting to get in to see donald trump. and now, as powerful republicans try to stop trump here in wisconsin, the front-runner is saying he may abandon the party if he loses the nomination. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the republican nominee is? >> no, i don't anymore. look -- >> you don't? >> no. we'll see who it is. >> reporter: trump's rivals seem to be abandoning the pledge, too. ohio governor john kasich and senator ted cruz both say they may not support trump if he wins the nomination. wisconsin is one of the biggest states left to vote.
3:05 am
winner can get most if not at all of the delegates. so a loss here for donald trump would make it much harder for him to get the delegates he needs to clinch the republican nomination before the convention this summer. jonathan karl, abc news, appleton, wisconsin. >> bernie sanders is attracting thousands of supporters in wisconsin with a new poll showing him with a slight lead over hillary clinton. sanders told the crowd at a packed rally that he sees the momentum saying he can defeat both clinton and donald trump. sanders is expected to be on the ballot in washington, d.c. despite a challenge over a filing technicality. democrats say they're confident he'll make the ballot. right now we're tracking damaging storms on the move stretching from the gulf to the great lakes. in oklahoma, there is damage and injuries after a tornado touched down more than half a dozen people have been taken to hospitals. at least one home was destroyed. there are reports of damage to other buildings.
3:06 am
power because storms knocked down trees and power lines. get this, two flight attendants were injured during violent turbulence on a flight from dallas to memphis. the american eagle flight was diverted to little rock when the attendants had just begun serving drinks when the turbulence struck suddenly, suddenly flipping will the beverage cart upside down. it ripped one of the seats hollanded on one of the flight attendens. no passengers injured. >> two minneapolis police officers are not face criminal charges in the shooting of jamar clark. hundreds peacefully protested. clark who was black was killed last november during an incident with two white officers. that lasted just over a minute. county attorney said clark grabbed the officer's gun. investigators concluded the officers acted in self-defense. >> there's another high profile police shooting of a black man. this time there are charges against the officer. the officer says he never meant
3:07 am
abc's kayna whitworth shows us the new dashcam video. >> reporter: a summer night in ft. worth, texas. officer courtney johnson responding to reports of a prowler carrying a knife. when he says he sees a man matching the description. 55-year-old craig adams. the encounter captured in this newly released grainy dash cam video. johnson draws his shotgun. adams goes down to one knee. seconds later, a blast. adams wounded in the shoulder. in his hands, a large barbecue fork. that officer now indicted by a grand jury for aggravated assault by a peace officer. >> we believe that the officer acted in a way that demonstrated to us that it was unintentional, but we also realize there is legal ramifications for his actions. >> reporter: officer johnson claims the shotgun malfunctioned, that he didn't mean to fire. >> this particular shotgun has been known to discharge. >> reporter: adams' family says he's bipolar and was off his medication that night. they say he had just stepped outside of their home for some cool air.
3:08 am
a very soft-natured person. not confrontational at all. >> reporter: the family says the shooting left adams partially disabled. as for officer johnson, he remains on restrictive duty with the department and could face five years to life in prison if convicted. kayna whit orthworth, abc, news, los angeles. >> major job cuts this year from boeing's aircraft division. they announced plans to eliminate 4500 jobs by june. reports indicate the actual number by the end of the year may be nearly twice that. boeing is feeling the pressure from airbus and customers are demanding less expensive jetliners. most of the jobs will be eliminated through attrition or buyouts. and the chipotle restaurant company may be expanding. it may add a third nonmexican chain called better burger. the gourmet burger market is booming right now.
3:09 am
are chop house, southeast asian cuisine and pizzeria locale. pain brand is still recovering to recover from a series of health related issues last fall. >> chop house is pretty good. there's one in georgetown that i like. >> you love your georgetown. after sledding more than a thousand miles in the id dit rod, four teams found themselves stuck in anchorage. they headed to seattle by truck. a long trip, especially for the 53 sled dogs. there's a that came to their rescue offering the land for the dogs and mushers to land till a plane became available. we're told that finally happened and they're all happily heading home and very grateful to their new native american friends. >> they look happy. >> and slightly warmer. >> do you notice, not a lot of snow there they've been having an unusual winter.
3:10 am
is gone out of control. it's extending into the animal kingdom. >> while spending time with his human foster father, this genuine panda cub posed for several selfie. like any self-respecting sestie taker, he checked out the results on the human's tablet. >> we're waiting to see if the can you be will set up his own instagram account to show off his selfies. >> there is the panda rescue and research center in southwest china. you can come up chosen an personal with the giant panda. remember that are to your china trip. >> i should point out, it's a relatively young panda. it's not on instagram. probably on snapchat like all the kids now days. >> i just got on snapchat. >> you told me it drains your battery. ly no idea. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> it also drains your soul.
3:11 am
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a woman out for a nature walk, whoa, in florida of course, was fully prepared to see birds, snakes and even a gator, but she was utterly unprepared when this panther appeared and ran right past her. this took place at the corkscrew swamp sanctuary. this is in naples which tells us panther sightings are very rare in that area. they're extremely cheyenne it was probably more scared than that woman was. i don't believe it. >> i think i've taken my children we're down in naples. i think we've been in this place before. it's frightening. >> oh, man. i would have lost my lunch. >> they really don't want to interact with you. like high tailing it out of there. didn't want to stop and snap shat. >> or eat. >> you there's that. >> a school scandal has erupted in detroit involving at least a dozen principals. one of him featured just last month on national television.
3:16 am
multimillion dollar bribery and kickback scheme involving school supplies rarely delivered. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: a fall from grace from this detroit principal who was featured on "the ellen degeneres show" in february. >> hi, jeanne. who are you with? >> hi, ellen! i'm with the most amazing man, the principal of spain elementary school. >> reporter: ronald alexander jumping for joy when ellen and justin bieber teamed up, getting his school more than a half million dollars for school supplies and repairs. he now finds himself facing charges, one of a dozen detroit area principals accused of receiving kickbacks. >> the conduct alleged here is egregious. >> reporter: the kickbacks cost the school district almost $3 million. investigators say the accused employees accepted inaccurate invoices. in return, the school supplies vendor, norman shy who lives in this mansion outside detroit, rewarded them with gift cards, cash and home improvements. principal alexander is accused of taking $23,000 in kickbacks and bribes. no longer the hero who appeared on tv last month. >> i am the happiest principal
3:17 am
i love you. we love you. >> reporter: all the accused are expected to turn themselves in. they could face up to five years in prison and vin to pay back all the money they pocketed. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> so troubling especially because detroit is struggling with their school system right now. >> exactly. they don't need something like there. coming up in our next half hour. real estate nightmare. >> it's chased one family out of their dream home before they ever moved in. what was it about this house the family says was never revealed to them. >> what many kids are keeping secret from even the most diligent parents.
3:18 am
3:19 am
phone when you need my love >> okay, so it is one of the touchiest subjects between parents and their teen and tween kids, as well. what exactly are they doing on their cell phone. >> even the most involved parents are finding themselves stunned after finding out what their kids are actually up to. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: we knew this conversation wouldn't be easy. >> mom. >> but we weren't expecting this. >> bella, bella. >> tears. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: and questions of family trust when these kids agreed to reveal to their parents what's really happening on their smartphones. first we sat down with eight southern california moms and dads to find out what they think they know. >> reporter: just how often are the girls on these cell phones? >> all day long. >> every second. >> when are they not. >> constantly. >> in the shower. >> the shower? >> in the shower. our daughter puts it into a ziploc bag, plays music and she takes a shower. >> reporter: they all have
3:20 am
phone through a pass code or fingerprint but struggle to doing. >> figure out what they're drawing. >> i don't know what that is. >> what is that one? >> where they meet up. >> i thought it was a radio station into my god. >> reporter: next we sit down with the six girls. all between the ages of 11 and 13. >> do you all have any apps that you all think, your parents might not be so pleased about? >> i have calculator plus. like have i it. but i only use it for like embarrassing pictures of my friends. a lot of people use it for like appropriate pictures like nudes. >> reporter: there are multiple apps that look and function like calculators but put in a special code and a private folder opens up where you can tore photos. another app ask fm where users can anonymously post questions
3:21 am
we found some appropriate mosts on cammy's page like what are you wearing? remember, she's 12. >> like our friends are getting asked or saying like you're hot or like, you're cute or are will you go out with me. >> a lot of people are like open about it because like it's anonymous. so people can just basically say whatever they want. >> reporter: now to instagram. they all it. gianna has the most followers. >> a thousand? who are these people? >> well, i know most of them, like --? but the girls have a second instagram their parents don't know about for their friends' eyes only. >> it's basically a fake instagram you use 0 post embarrassing photos of your friends. >> reporter: sounds innocent enough but experts tell us under the cloak of secrecy is when bad things can happen. >> i've gotten like a 19-year-old. he just -- just like he will texted me like the direct
3:22 am
he said, hey. what's your number? pics. how old are you. then i blocked him. >> fascinating. abc reached out to reps from instagram. a couple of those calculator apps. >> they spend millions of on user reporting and moderation tools in order to strike the right balance between safety and privacy of users vast majority of teens and young adults.wteens and young adults.hteens and young adults.oteens and young adults.mteens and young adults. teens and young adults.ateens and young adults.rteens and young adults. teens and young adults.teens and young adults.eteens and young adults. teens and young adults. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker.
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time now for "the mix." and do you know what the whole like ponytail thing is very popular. liz cho on channel 7 wore it and it. some people on flights do it. but do they do this in take a look at this photo. hang over. >> i wouldn't do that. >> this was on a houston to boston flight. a columnist was sitting in 23 b and notice this had woman out
3:26 am
refused to remove her ponytail for a little while on the flight. and then finally near the end of the flight she decided to move it. that's kind of annoying. >> yeah. i'm not sure that was very nice. >> he posted the photos and then internet was giving him some suggestions on what he could have done, among them he could have had like strategically placed gum. he could have had some glue. >> that is true. that would be very mean. >> if only he was allowed a pair of clippers. yeah. >> wow. >> that would be. >> i'm not sure i would do that. you clearly don't have ha problem. you won't have to worry about it with airfare. i want to show you an olympic weight lifter who dropped her bar and didn't end so well. take a look. >> really? >> looks good. good form. >> rolling, rolling, and -- it crashes. the window. you see this other look.
3:27 am
there's nothing they can do. boom, the entire window came down. mattie rogers is an olympic female weight lifter. it was ha rd to get that overhead clean drop. she dropped it. i don't know if it's bad architecture. >> looked like bad form to me. >> you call it bad form? >> come on. the way she was lifting it. so okay, you remember back in the days like rice was all the craze at weddings or confetti? now there's a new craze to make your wedding the bomb. a sploek bomb. you have these color full and beautiful smoke bombs that you'll have in strategic locations at your wedding. some people have suggested maybe it's a great way for the groom to get away while he has the opportunity. quickest cape. i think it makes for beautiful photos. >> it looks pretty.
3:28 am
would be for this. >> for the smoke bombs? >> at weddings. i find carnations expensive enough to put on each table. >> they'll charge you for everything. >> there's now beer that you can have with your toast. beer mama laid by a company called innocent gun. the 50 to 85: what's your reason for getting life insurance? i'm in my 60s and i work part-time with no benefits. i needed a plan that was easy to get. all i had to do was make a phone call. at age 70, i'm on a fixed income. i found a whole life insurance plan that's affordable, with a lifetime rate lock, so my monthly payment will never increase. all this by making a phone call. i don't like taking risks now that i'm almost 80. i made a phone call and found a plan that has written guarantees. in the last month alone, thousands have called about this plan with the rate lock guarantee through the colonial penn program, and here's why. this plan is affordable,
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(colonial penn jingle) fi this morni this morning on "world news now," tulsa tornado. the severe storm sending residents for cover as a twister touches down. as many other regions face extreme weather, as well. >> donald trump in the political crosshairs. this time over his statements regarding punishment for abortion. what this means for his currently em battled campaign. our political director weighs in just ahead. and new this half hour, a major homecoming for lamar odom. >> the former laker returning to the staples center for the first time since his near death experience.
3:31 am
the stands hoping to get a piece of superstar steph curry. >> casting call controversy. why the hottest show on broadway is being called racist. that story is ahead in "the skinny." it's thursday, march 31st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. let's get right to our top story this morning. the severe weather in the south. >> more than half a dozen people were injured one critically by a tornado in the tulsa area last night. at least one home was destroyed in eastern oklahoma and others damaged and the roof ripped off a church. >> the storms are causing problems for much of the south. more than 3.5 inches of rain in little rock marked the wettest day since the 1800s. all of it on the move right now.
3:32 am
. >> i hope people are taking cover. a man and his son running for cover in a hailstorm northeast of wichita. streets submerged in little rock. flash flood warnings, as these huge metal dumpsters float away. quarter-sized hail pounding morgan county, illinois. all part of a massive storm system that brought blinding snow to the rockies. authorities searching for a utah father, missing since he left to get help for his family when their vehicle got stuck. in colorado, ten people injured after this suv crashed head-on into a bus. here in north texas, two hailstorms this month already causing an estimated $1 billion in damage. blue tarps, even umbrellas covering these homes in plano. insurance adjusters still processing claims for damaged vehicles. if you're ever caught in a hailstorm, to prevent damage like this, you can take the floor mats and use them to protect your vehicle. and in florida, dangerous lightning.
3:33 am
raton firefighters. here in dallas, we are still under the threat of severe weather. millions more are bracing for that storm system headed east. phillip mena, abc news, dallas. >> to politics now, donald trump sparking new outrage over his comments on abortion. trump reversed himself hours late area. but in a forum on msnbc, he initially said if abortion were illegal women who have the procedure should be punished. it put the gop front-runner at the center of a bipartisan firestorm. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no. as a principal. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. >> ten cents, ten years, what? >> that i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else. >> frankly i do take positions on everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> as trump walked back his comments, he said health care providers should be punished and
3:34 am
victims, but the remarks are the reversal all sides pro-life activists, gop rivals and the democratic candidates all lashing out. abc's rick klein has more on what this could mean for trump's candidacy. >> reena and kendis, a major moment in the presidential campaign. this has the potential to have repercussions inside a primary campaign. to many conservative voters the feeling that he doesn't speak their language, doesn't understand the policy, hasn't thought about it, putting out a position that is essentially far more extreme than anyone who considers them so-called pro-life would put out. in a general election, he practically wrote a campaign aid -- ad for hillary clinton and the democrats raising questions on the eve of the wisconsin primary about his readiness for office, how much thought he's given to major issues. >> thanks to rick. interesting timing for this. the controversy comes as ted cruz gains ground just days before the big primary in wisconsin. a new poll shows cruz with a 10-point lead over trump and john kasich much farther behind. the winner in wisconsin could win most or all of the state's
3:35 am
a loss there could erode trump's path to clijing the gop nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders by a few points in wisconsin, as well but she made a brief campaign swing through harlem weeks ahead of new york's democratic primary. clinton hoefrted a rally at the famed apollo theater discussing her plans for income inequality, national security and uniting the country and she made her rounds to lash out at trump over his abortion remark calling it horrific. >> a former student at mississippi state university faces up to 20 years in prison after admitting she tried to join isis. jaelyn young pleaded guilty tuesday. her fiance pleaded guilty earlier this month. federal authorities say they intended to use their honeymoon as a cover story so they could travel to join the terror group. >> there's new details about the foiled plot to attack paris. authorities in france say the main suspect has now been charged with planning the attack
3:36 am
explosives. abc's alex marquardt reports from paris. >> reporter: the chilling disclosure by french authorities. the imminent plot stopped before it could be carried out by reda kriket, a 32-year-old frenchman charged with preparing the attack. in the apartment, which he rented under a fake name, security forces found an arsenal that the prosecutor called "unprecedented." five ak-47 rifles. seven handguns. tatp, the explosive used in the paris and brussels attacks. detonators, acid and ball bearings. kriket had known ties to the paris attacks, convicted last year in absentia with paris mastermind abdelhamid abaaoud for recruiting jihadists to syria. kriket himself known to have gone to syria, and now we know he made it back to france. also, new disturbing reports out of brussels that the attackers there may have been targeting the prime minister's office. a computer that was reportedly thrown away is said to have contained photos and
3:37 am
at least one of the suspects from those attacks is still on the run tonight. alex marquardt, abc news, paris. >> federal health officials now say that zika mosquitoes are living in parts of the midwest. and northeast. not just the south and discouraging news from researchers. a new study says that ultrasounds done early in the pregnancy of women infected with zika did not find any signs of the birth defect that causes brain damage in the fetus. it wasn't till the 19th week of pregnancy that any signs of the birth defect first appeared on anty tra sound. and the u.s. city where mosquitoes cause the most health concerns during the summer months is atlanta according to experts who say the pests carry several diseases including zika. the rest of the top five worst cities include chicago, washington, d.c., detroit, and new york. so apparently many of us are giving up the soda habit. a new report indicates consumption of soft drinks is at its lowest level in 30 years. industry experts say there are a
3:38 am
of course, the health issue with people looking to cut sugar as well as artificial sweeteners, it hasn't hurt the profits of big sodamakers like coke and pepsi because they've branched out to other drinks and they actually supply water, as well. >> and maybe because the holiday was only a few days ago this scene at a baseball spring training game reminds us of an easter egg hunt. dozens of kids and their parents searching for a home run ball hit by a san francisco giants prospect. >> never mind the cultivated flowers and bushes. they want that egg. i mean the ball. even one of the kansas city royals broadcast joined in the hunt before one boy raised his arm in triumph with the ball. >> oh, by the way, the giants prospect who hit the ball was austin slater. >> good for austin. >> i wonder if maybe that's a good sign for him. >> it really is a beautifully manicured lawn. >> there's a garden right behind
3:39 am
very nice. coming up, lamar odom's surprise laker reunion. also ahead, a real-life horror story for one new jersey family receiving mysterious letters threatening their children, now putting the so-called stalker house up for sale again. and hollywood elite like you've never seen them before. gwyneth and cameron going unplugged. we'll explain in "the skinny."
3:40 am
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sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. a sky diver who collided with another jumper in mid-air and was knocked unconscious now says he can't believe he's alive. a gopro rolling when sebastian
3:43 am
struck the ground with a thud. he fractured his spine in four places and is paralyzed from the waist down. but doctors say they're hopeful leal says he would do it all over again and in fact, is determined to jump again. an injured man in britain said that it took him about half an hour to realize who had helped him. the future king of england. can you imagine that? you can see prince william bending over the patient who had fallen out of a tree there. the second in line is a rescue helicopter. the patient later joked that willsy had better not be flying this. the prince pointed out he was the one coming to save him. can you imagine figuring that out? >> that's kind of cool. a great story. glad to see he's still doing that. >> back here at home, former laker lamar odom says he's feeling good after his near death experience. he attended last night's game against the miami heat. former teammate kobe bryant supplied the tickets for him.
3:44 am
overdose last october when he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. he reportedly suffered several strokes since then. at a game in salt lake city, this scene. fans trying to get steph curry's autograph were the injured when a railing gave way. he had just finished his pregame routine and was heading back to the locker room. he stopped to sign autographs and pose for pictures. the three children and one adult fell about four feet and received minor injuries. curry later provided them with autographed souvenirs. good guy. an incredible story from alaska. authorities say that three students plotted to kill a classmate. those students are only in first grade. the three were suspended but not charged with any crime. the principal says they planned to use silica gel packets they thought were poison. school officials say the female student acknowledged that they planned to poison a girl. unbelievable. first grade. >> well, a poison pen is what
3:45 am
from their american dream. >> they're selling their new home without ever having moved in because of what the house came with. that they say they were never told about. abc's gio benitez with the story. >> reporter: on a normal street in a normal neighborhood in new jersey, a mystery about one house. this family, with three small children, bought the house in 2014 for $1.4 million. and say they immediately started receiving ominous letters from someone who called himself "the watcher." apparently threatening the children, writing, "do you need to fill the house with the young blood i requested? once i know their names, i will call to them and draw them to me." the new owners can't figure out who is behind those letters. so, they put what was to be their six-bedroom dream house back on the market, for a much lower price. they are suing the people who sold them the house for not revealing they, too, had received a letter. but those sellers say there was no threatening language in the one they received. not all conditions have to be
3:46 am
they need to be something you ask for. >> correct. in new jersey, as the law stands right now, social conditions do not need to be revealed. that would be suicides in the home, murders in the home. >> reporter: the family says they're revealing the letters from the house stalker to every potential buyer. even though it makes for a harder sell. gio benitez, abc news, westfield, new jersey. >> good for them for doing the right thing. >> yeah, but it's a beautiful house. it's unfortunate. they're suing the former owners for what they say is basically fraud. >> when we come back, why the hottest show on broadway is being accused of racism. >> and the bombshell dropped on anderson cooper. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
continues after this from our hey what are you here for? you getting poked, prodded or pinched?? uhhh yeah, colon cancer screening. hey me too, second time. it's a piece of cake! that sounds good right now. it's no big deal. that's what everyone tells me. today there is more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider and choose the best test for you! if you're 50 or older
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tt2wlr=[jk`:o j# 5m4 tt2wlr=[jk`:!!*n em\ tt2wlr=[jk`:4!j# 3[( tt2wlr=[jk`:x#*&`:4u\ tt2wlr=[jk`:t#j'`: u8 tt2wlr=[jk`:t#j)`:+5\ tt2wlr=[jk`:p#j*`:> all right. time now for the skinny. topping our headlines this morning, the casting call controversy surrounding broadway's hottest show. i was surprised by this one. >> it is shocking. "hamilton" has been praised for
3:49 am
casting of actors portraying america's founding fathers. >> but the show has sparked controversy, posting on its website a call for nonwhite men and women for the broadway's upcoming tours. >> at least one civil rights attorney says that may have run afoul of new york's human rights law, and the stage actors union says that language is a no-no. it's not in compliance with their rules. >> producer jeffrey seller is reportedly defending the diversity of the "hamilton" cast and the legality of the nonwhite casting notice. for folks who don't know it, it's the story about alexander shamt, but it's not played by traditional lightweight actors as you would think from that time period. the whole point is, it kind of turns the whole concept upside down. it is wrong is what legal experts are saying you can't say only nonwhite people can apply. >> if it was something that said only white people can apply, there would be a lot of uproar. of course, it makes sense. >> interesting controversy.
3:50 am
bombshell. it was an admission that took her son "world news now" icon anderson cooper by surprise. >> former "world news now." he's not currently on the show. >> he's still an icon legend, you know. >> he might have missed a couple years in between there. >> there were a couple. >> he has moved on. the two have written a book together and are now the subject of an upcoming hbo documentary. there are apparently some things they're still learning about each other. >> in a recent interview with people magazine, the 92-year-old family matriarch admitted to what she called a brief, so-called lesbian relationship when she was 13 years owed at boarding school. >> the cnn anchor replied "this is news to me. you didn't mention this in the book, mom." >> cooper and vanderbilt's relationship will be featured april 9th in that hbo documentary called "nothing left unsaid." >> i look forward to watching that. what i've admired about anderson cooper, he comes from this great
3:51 am
his mother has built this entire empire. he's made such a name for himself, such incredible reporting and got his start right here. not his start but he spent time here. >> that was one of the things he wanted to do, that he did his own thing. >> certainly did. and speaking of aging well, cameron diaz wants us all to age better >> to that end, she's instagrammed a makeup free selfie promoting her new publication, longevity book. the natural beauty says aging has gotten a bad rap. >> another 43-year-old old natural beauty also sharing a makeup free pic. you see her there on the lift? that's gwynneth paltrow cozying up to delphina blaquier, dy get that right? the wife of polo player gnaw cho figueras. >> paltrow calls her one of my most favorite women. and one of the world's most beloved musical artists will be honored with a pair of tribute concerts here in new york city.
3:52 am
the day the plans were made public, the bowie died. >> the concert will take place tonight at carnegie hall. among the big name artists performing are heart, ann wilson, ex-rem front man michael stipe, cyndi lauper, the fixies. >> and the concert will benefit a number of charities including that help fund children's art education. toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. there's moving... ...and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints,
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3:56 am
>> it hasn't sunk in. >> reporter: that come monday morning a multimillion dollar direct deposit will appear in his account. it's why gregory's co-workers here at gateway garage are smiling. >> did you believe it? >> i didn't believe it. now i believe it. >> reporter: across the street muhammad is also wishing him well. you see, this is where gregory bought what turned out to be the single winning ticket during the february 25th drawing of cash for life. it was the first time the 58-year-old had ever played the game. the jackpot was $7 million. >> 8:00 at night, i was kind of bored. and let me take a walk across the street and just see what they got to play for tonight. >> reporter: gregory left work, didn't watch the drawing. the next day word spread someone had bought the winning ticket at the shop. kwku looked up the numbers and asked gregory to see his ticket. >> gregory, you are the one who you won the numbers. he said what?
3:57 am
>> reporter: instead of $1,000 a day for life, gregory chose the lump sum. aftertachs just over $4.6 million. as for working here as a parking attendant. >> as of that day, i just looked at them, looked at my guys, guys looked at me and go you're leaving, aren't you? i said yes, i'm walking out. >> reporter: as far as an over the top purchase, he doesn't have anything in mind. he already has a house with a pool. he's actually considering downsizing, buying a two-bedroom condo. one thing for sure, he's staying in union, new jersey. >> i got a lawyer. he's a finance lawyer. set up my kids. >> reporter: his family a bit camera shy but thrilled they're all heading to disney world. as for gregory? >> just going to take each day as it comes. >> kimberly richardson, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> and despite the fact he actually works in a garage, he's not going to buy a car of his own, he said. >> he'll have a driver. >> i didn't think about it that way. so he got $7 million and wants a
3:58 am
he's about $7 million shy if he wants one in the city. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, severe weather striking the heartland right now, tornadoes ripping apart buildings and tearing down trees. plus, severe flooding on a university's campus. the students swimming in buildings. sparking outrage from donald trump, the presidential candidate stirring controversy for his comments about abortion. first saying that women should be punished and back-tracking. the other candidates weighing in overnight. we're live with the latest.


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